About Us - History
  • 1976 -

    Charles Negaro, on an entrepreneurial venture, established Atticus Bookstore in the Yale Center for British Art building in downtown New Haven.

  • 1981 -

    As his appreciation for fine foods grew, Atticus expanded from a bookstore to a Bookstore Café. However, as the menu was created, Negaro was unable to find suitable bread to serve with Atticus’ popular, hearty soups and salads. Nothing compared to a baguette he tasted while vacationing in Paris years prior.

  • 1994 -

    After another trip to Europe, Charlie fell in love with the taste and artistry of traditionally crafted fine breads. He resolved that Americans shouldn't have to put up with bland and tasteless breads. Surrounding himself with bakers and bread enthusiasts, Negaro used age-old techniques and European-made ovens to create his own American made, exquisite quality, authentic breads to serve along side meals at Atticus.

  • 1995 -

    Chabaso Bakery is founded by Charles Negaro after he combined combining the first part of the names of Negaro's three children: Charlie, Abigail, and Sophia: Ch-Aba-So.

  • 1998 -

    Everyday artisan bread became a reality and quickly caught on as Chabaso Bakery delivers its Artisan Breads to grocery stores throughout in Connecticut, New York Metro area, and New Jersey.

  • Early 2000's -

    Chabaso's signature Ciabattas, available in five assorted flavors, become the trademark of the company’s artisan bread profile and a family favorite on dinner tables across the region.

  • 2009 -

    Chabaso continues to gain distribution throughout the North East expanding its daily deliveries to Massachusetts.

  • 2010 -

    After a packaging re-design, Chabaso is awarded Silver at the 39th Annual Creativity Awards for its colorful new look.

  • 2012 -

    Continuing to grow its success with a focus on eating right, Chabaso launched three new Demi items, all with Whole Grain benefits! The Wheat & Olive Oil Demi Ciabatta (12g Whole Grains), Ancient Grains Demi Ciabatta (16g Whole Grains), and the Whole Grain Demi Baguette (23g Whole Grains) hit store shelves and gave bread eaters a healthy reason to eat more carbohydrates! The Demi line also was chosen by the editors of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Magazine, on the basis of taste, originality and packaging, as one of the Top 10 "Best New Product of 2012”.

  • 2013 -

    The best thing since sliced bread! Branching out from its authentic ciabatta bread, Chabaso Bakery develops five flavors of Sandwich Breads. Sliced, tasty, and healthy loaves perfect for weekday lunches, breakfast toast, or anytime snack and still made with only all natural ingredients.

  • Today -

    We are still in the bakery hand-crafting your Chabaso favorites and constantly working on bringing you new and exciting artisan bread products made with –of course- only the good stuff!