Chabaso Bakery Creates America's Best Raisin Bread!


Chabaso Bakery Creates

America’s Best Raisin Bread! 

New Haven, CT(November 11, 2013)  Like delicious aromas wafting from artisan ovens, good news travels fast in professional bakery circles. Chabaso Bakery in New Haven, CT, is proud to announce that one of their artisan bakers, Sandy Kim, has been honored as a Grand Prize Winner at the International Baking Industry Exposition's 6th Annual Best Raisin Bread Contest. 

After a long preliminary process of recipe evaluation and ingredient formulations, Ms. Kim and 35 other accomplished bakers were chosen to compete at the International Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas. They were flown to the Las Vegas Convention Center to bake and present their creations to an outstanding panel of internationally known judges on the largest baking industry stage in the world.

The Grand Prize in the Commercial Category was awarded to Ms. Kim for her Spice Trader's Raisin Stick, which was chosen for creativity in the use of ingredients, the overall look and taste, and the story behind the naming of the product. Chabaso is currently exploring the idea of launching a version of the winning product to the public.     

Born in Southern California, Sandy Kim received her formal baking education at the San Francisco Baking Institute. Since then, she has had many opportunities to work as a baking instructor, baking consultant and as a head of research and development at bakery organizations in the US and abroad. She has been R&D manager with Chabaso Bakery for 3 years.

"Chabaso has always used Artisan Methods of bread baking." Kim explains, "Long fermentations bring out natural flavors in bread.  Maintaining the integrity of the ingredients ensures that the quality of the products is always stellar. A third characteristic of the Artisan Method is the exploration of creativity to find the perfect medley of flavors. Creativity has always been of primary importance to me in developing new products. 

"As I explored the endless possibilities of sweet raisins in bread, the combination of sultry spices and the refreshing touch of citrus seemed to blend in a way that represented the integral essence of Chabaso employees that work at the bakery as a team every day. Their diverse backgrounds combined to inspire the Spice Trader’s Raisin Stick."

Chabaso founder and owner Charles Negaro was a pioneer in bringing Old World artisan methods into prominence in America. Chabaso's new Artisan Sandwich Breads are available fresh every day in small food stores and large supermarket chains along the US East Coast.


Chabaso Bakery Creates America's Best Raisin Bread!
Chabaso Bakery Creates America's Best Raisin Bread!

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