Chabaso Bakery Sponsors College Recipe Contest

New Haven, CT    March 6, 2013     Healthful whole-grain artisan breads were the starting point for Gateway Community College students participating recently in a nutritional food contest. The end products were a tasty array of creative recipes, the best of which are now available on-line at

Contest sponsor Chabaso Bakery's Marketing Director, Pam Russell explained that contestants were required to include one of the five new whole grain varieties of their new Demi-sized breads or Rustic Rolls as a primary ingredient. The recipes were judged on the basis of nutritional content, taste, appearance and ease of preparation.  The contest was an optional assignment in the school's Field Experience II class, part of the Dietetic Technology Program in Gateway's Allied Health Department.

The First place winner was Lauren Manuck from South Windsor, whose entry was a Sun Dried Tomato Crostini. The judges also cited Kathryn Farrell’s Panzanella Bread and Tomato Salad as 2nd place winner. Paula Warncke and Jennifer Osborne were the 3rd place winners for their Butternut Apple Soup served in a Chabaso Ancient Grain bread bowl.

Shaylene Haggerty and Sarah Luedee’s “Veggie Delight” sandwich, featuring hummus, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions was 4th. Winning entrees also received monetary contributions from Chabaso toward their academic expenses.

In announcing the winning entrees, and thanking all the entrants, Chabaso Bakery founder Charles Negaro commented on the creative energy and enthusiasm all of the contest participants exhibited. "This is just a sample of the benefits to our downtown environment that the arrival of Gateway's new downtown campus has brought into the midst of our city. There is a vibrancy and warmth that adds considerably to Yale's historic authenticity and academic integrity," Mr. Negaro said, "Gateway will help New Haven bloom with new vision, taste and harmony."


Chabaso Bakery Sponsors College Recipe Contest

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