New Haven Farms and Chabaso Bakery Take on Urban Agriculture


In Monday's issue (3/31/14) of the New Haven Register, Chabaso was recognized for helping create an idea which turned into New Haven Farms, and for supporting this non-profit, by offering a program where employees can join in on the action. The following is an excerpt from the article:

"In addition to the new land, New Haven Farms will be piloting a new program this summer to allow employees from Chabaso Bakery Artisan Breads to take part in a 20-week nutrition program.

The program has traditionally been reserved for Fair Haven Community Health Center patients and focuses on nutrition, cooking and farm education. Each week, clinic patients are provided with fresh produce shares for their families to help them deal with diet-related illnesses. The program costs patients $20.

Chabaso, whose organic vegetable garden led to the creation of New Haven Farms, will pay $850 for each employee to participate in the same programs alongside clinic patients."

This program allows Chabaso employees to learn more about nutrition, while interacting with the community, which is part of the company's culture. 

If you would like to read the full article or learn more about this wonderful organization Chabaso Bakery supports, click on the link below:

New Haven Farms Growing its Growing Capacity on Burr Street Site


New Haven Farms and Chabaso Bakery Take on Urban Agriculture

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