Support Our Friends at New Haven Farms

On Wednesday, June 25th, all shoppers at Whole Foods Market at 1686 Boston Post Road in Milford will contribute to a great community cause. Five percent of every purchase will go directly to support New Haven Farms – a community-based nonprofit network of urban farms, in New Haven, Connecticut.
Customers at the Milford store on that Wednesday will be helping New Haven Farms cut food insecurity among all program participants. When shoppers buy local and organic produce, they will be helping to supply vegetables for low income families who suffer from diet-related chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. These Whole Foods Market shoppers will
also be helping New Haven Farms increase fruit and vegetable intake among community members. Proceeds from the day will also help establish more urban farms for improved neighborhood nutrition and environmental sustainability.
“We encourage our community members to use this opportunity to stock up,” says Rebecca Kline, New Haven Farms’ Executive Director. “Clean out your freezer and cabinets for the next few days, make your shopping list, and join us in Milford on Wednesday, June 25th. We’re really grateful for the support of Whole Foods Market and all of those shoppers who come out to take advantage of this opportunity.”
About New Haven Farms

Established in 2012, New Haven Farms grew out of a partnership between the Fair Haven Community Health Center and Chabaso Bakery, LLC.  Both organizations were committed to improving the health of the community. New Haven Farms' mission is to promote health
and community development through urban agriculture. 
To accomplish this mission, New Haven Farms establishes and cultivates urban farms and distributes organic, nutrient-dense produce to individuals and families in the community who strive for better health and food security through a Farm-Based poverty level. Wellness Program. Of the 70 participating families, 55 live within 20% of the federal.
The Goals of New Haven Farms' 
Farm-Based Wellness Program

• Produce nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits on local urban farm sites;
• Distribute a weekly share of fresh, affordable produce to families who live near or below the federal poverty level and suffer from diet-related chronic diseases or other risk factors;
• Improve health outcomes and reduce food insecurity by increasing participants' consumption of nutrient-rich, fresh vegetables;
• Increase knowledge and skills of growing, choosing, and preparing healthy food;
• Build a sense of community, and increase social capital by creating and maintaining relationships among farm members, volunteers, and neighborhood residents.

Support Our Friends at New Haven Farms
Support Our Friends at New Haven Farms

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