Turn this lobster roll summer time favorite into the best one you have ever had with Chabaso Artisan Stix™! Crispy ciabatta crust, soft chewy inside makes this New England favorite stand out from the rest.

For a delicious new take on a breakfast treat, try this French toast casserole that only takes a few easy steps with Chabaso's Artisan Cranberry Pecan Loaf. Can be prepped the night before and when served is full of whole grains, cranberries, pecan morsels, flaxseed and honey, & with oats.

Fire up the grill and your taste buds with this sweet and tangy Srirache Marinated Steak with Bok Choy Slaw on our Chabaso Artisan Baguette!

Crispy snap peas, tangy kalamata olives, and thick juicy bacon makes for a unique pizza with Chabaso Artisan Ciabatta Stix™. Great for grilling out doors in the summer, or indoors any time of year!

Turn our Chabaso Artisan Ciabatta Stix™ into a quick & easy pizza with this grilling recipe that also works great indoors in your oven as well!

Turn any breakfast into a special occasion with this sweet and savory French toast made with our Chabaso Cranberry Pecan Artisan Loaf!

This crowd-pleasing classic grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is best when served family-style. Position the Chabaso Artisan Baguette sandwiches around a large bowl for dipping and enjoy!

Whether it is Saint Patrick's Day or any day other occasion, celebrate with abundant mealtime enthusiasm with a Chabaso Artisan Ciabatta and Corn Beef Sandwich. The fresh grated horseradish sauce adds the perfect touch!

Turn Thanksgiving dinner into the next day's feast! If you have any variety of a Chabaso Artisan Ciabatta left over from the holiday meal, follow this easy recipe for a serious turkey sandwich using all your left overs!

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