A New Chapter at Chabaso Bakery

We are happy and proud to tell you that a new chapter is about to begin at Chabaso and it’s going to be a really great one!

When Trish arrived, Charlie (Jr.) was ready for a new adventure and he went off to do wonderful things with Atticus Bookstore Café. Not only is the business growing leaps and bounds but the bread is absolutely extraordinary. If you haven’t tried it yet you must. Charlie’s excitement about improving the food system, supporting local farmers, making healthier bread and making the best imaginable bread, is contagious and successful. Wild yeast, local grains, fresh-ground grains, super long fermentation and a commitment to eliminate commercial white flour has set the local bread scene on fire.

While all this was going on at Atticus, Trish and team have also been transforming Chabaso: building systems, refining quality and capabilities, going digital, re-imagining the brand and the product line, entering foodservice, moving to all-whole grain formulations, bringing better flavor and nutrition to market and doubling down on mission – Bakers for a Better World! We are ready for the next chapter.

It continued to be Charles’s fond hope that Charlie would return some day to run Chabaso and continue to be a family company. So we are all really pleased to tell you that Charlie is ready and on his way back in the role of CEO, with an official start date of 11/1/19. Welcome back Charlie and congratulations! Major congratulations also to Charles for the wonderful company he has built, the great bread, the big heart and for the great accomplishment of keeping it in the family.

Trish will continue in an advisory role with Charlie and be a permanent member of the Chabaso family. We are so grateful for all that she has contributed to Chabaso. It has been an amazing transformation. We look forward to her continued guidance and friendship. Thank you Trish!

Warm regards to all our Friends & Family and thank you for your continued support,

Charles Negaro – Founder & Chairman
Charles “Charlie” Negaro, Jr. – Incoming CEO
Trish Karter – Friend of Chabaso Emeritus! Outgoing CEO

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