How we define artisan bread

Of course it’s about the taste and good eating! But it’s also about the people and principles behind the bread. Since 1981 we’ve been a family business dedicated to high standards and artisan techniques. Simple ingredients – given loving attention and long, natural fermentation – become artisan bread with complex flavor and the best texture and crust. Simple principles of building a quality work environment and having a positive environmental and social impact guide our choices.

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A Healthier, Better Tomorrow

Chabaso Bakery has been baking the best artisan breads in the United States for over twenty years. Our customers include the largest grocers in the Northeast and the country. We're family-owned and strive to create good jobs, bake amazing bread, and support the health of our community and environment. We've gotten to where we are because of our diverse, skilled, hardworking team.

Recipe adapted from Ari, Well Seasoned Studio.

Recipe Book

The Chabaso recipe book features recipes from our team, chef friends, and you! Submit your own recipes on social media with #chabaso for a chance to be featured.

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