Bread Care

We often get questions from customers about how to serve Chabaso bread. In general, a few minutes of heating will do wonders to Chabaso breads. See below for specific bread care tips from our head baker Peter Abrams.

Should I heat Chabaso bread before eating?

Yes! For the best eating experience we strongly recommend that you warm your bread in the oven or toaster. This refreshes the crispy nature of the crust and adds a nutty warmth to the crumb (the interior). Simply place the unwrapped bread in a 400° F oven for 3–4 minutes for small loaves or 8–10 minutes for larger loaves (such as ciabattas). Our bread is great right out of the bag, but a bit of heating brings it to a whole other level.

Can I freeze Chabaso bread for later?

Yes! If you’re not planning on eating your Chabaso bread in the next day or two, freezing is the best way to save it for later. Wrap the bread in plastic wrap and place it in a freezer bag. Feel free to hold it in your freezer for several months.

What if I’m not planning to eat the whole loaf?

If you’re only planning on eating a portion of your Chabaso bread, we recommend that you cut off the portion you want and warm it in the oven or toaster, and then wrap and freeze the rest.  If you have a group or family sharing it, we suggest you bake off the whole loaf, because once you taste it fresh from the oven you’ll probably need more than you planned.

Is it better to use a toaster or oven to heat up Chabaso bread?

Neither is better than the other, but they are different. If you want a piece of bread to eat right now, the toaster is a great way to refresh the crumb (interior) and put a nutty bake or the crust and cut edge.  If you’re looking to serve a loaf on the table and eat it over a short while, reheating in the oven is the way to go.  You refresh the crust and crumb without losing as much moisture as in the toaster.

How long will Chabaso bread last after it’s delivered or comes home from the store?

Chabaso bread is best when eaten within a day or two of receiving it.  If you’re going to wait longer than that we strongly recommend freezing it.

How do I serve Chabaso bread after freezing it?

Preheat your oven to 400°F.  Remove the bread from the freezer and unwrap it.  Place it directly into the oven and bake until it’s warmed through. Small items, like Chabaso STIX and rolls, should only take about 5–8 minutes.  Larger breads, like ciabattas, will take about 10–12 minutes. Bear in mind that all ovens are different and yours may take a longer or shorter time.

Has my loaf of Chabaso been frozen before I bought it?

We have spent years figuring out how to get the best and freshest bread to our customers.  What we have learned is that the best way to do this is to bake our bread about 70% of the way, freeze it very quickly, and deliver it frozen to stores. It can then be baked off fresh every day so you have access to truly fresh-baked Chabaso breads, regardless of where you’re purchasing it. We’re not saying we’re unique in doing this.  This is how the vast majority of the bread industry works. It works for us to keep our costs reasonable and create a consistent product and it works for you to get truly fresh bread, regardless of how close you live to our bakery.

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