A great crazy week

When the alarm went off at 3am I thought I was on another planet. It’s been a big week on many levels and yesterday was a typically packed one. What was I thinking when I volunteered to be at the plant at 3:45am? Among the other zillion things going on in the last few days we had a BRC Audit, launched our new website and eCommerce platform and switched insurance plans, made major progress on a big capital spending initiative, entertained two sets of dignitaries from out of town and won a national cutting for a major new customer.

But I jumped out of bed to serve breakfast to our night shift team (along with our distribution lead Blair, HR lead Claudia, and our shipping supervisor Ruben). This event was part of our thank you to everyone for doing such a spectacular job and earning the top BRC Audit rating available. Also for making beautiful bread every day. Also for being the Chabaso family. Also for helping us navigate the vicissitudes of a really tricky, changing marketplace for artisan bread.

Of course it turned out to be one of my best days this year. Blair, Claudia and Ruben didn’t think they needed me. They had it covered.  Of course they had it covered. And of course that wasn’t the point.  Ever. But I did find a job. I had a wonderful time mixing up and serving hot chocolate. It is now my special skill…

Really, I often tell my friends that the best part of my work at Chabaso is the team. By far and away!  They are wonderful people. Slowing down to sit and chat over hot chocolate and pancakes at 4 AM is 100 times more rewarding than the fancy CEO stuff. 100 times more important too.


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