Chabaso Driving Team

A chat with our our logistics and distribution director Blair Polny about the Chabaso driving team!

How many people are on the Chabaso driving team?
BP: 10 total

What are the routes? 
BP: Our driving team covers the areas of NJ, NYC, Western LI, Southern CT and Hartford CT.

When do the trucks leave? 
BP: Our trucks depart daily between 9pm and 3:30am

Longest tenure on the team?
BP: Hector Ramos has been on the Chabaso driving team for over 15 years!

Most miles driven?
BP: Hector has driven almost 1,000,000 miles. Each driver travels about 5,400 miles per month. Combined together, the Chabaso drivers cover over 32,000 miles per month.

Anything else you’d like to add?
BP: As a driving team we have had zero injuries in 36 months in over 3,000,000 miles!

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