Thrall Family Farm – Windsor, CT

Thrall Family Farm has been operating since 1646 in the rich land of the Connecticut River Valley. The farm grows barley, wheat, rye and other small grains for craft brewers and bakers.

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Maine Grains (Skowhegan, ME)

Amber Lambke, the co-founder of Maine Grains, has done amazing work to demonstrate what a local grain economy can look like. Maine Grains specializes in freshly milled, organic and heritage grains for stoneground flour and rolled oats.

Bass Family Farm (Scotland, CT)

The Bass Family Farm has been operating in Connecticut for over 200 years. In 2019 we worked with the Bass family, Andy Dappolonio, and Keith Christadore to grow 15 acres of Glenn Spring Wheat.

Andy D’appolonio (Coventry, CT)

Our local hero! Andy was growing grains in CT before it was cool, and he’s the first local grains person that we started sourcing from starting in 2018.


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