It’s not all about ingredients – it’s more about the people and process – but for sure we only use high quality ingredients!


We source a custom-milled flour that is designed specifically for our breads. But that’s not so special really – many major bakery operations customize their “grinds”, but the trick is to be aiming toward a better bread, not just better margins. Our source wheat is 99% United States grown.

Olive oil

We use extra virgin olive oil sourced from producers around the Mediterranean region to ensure a flavorful bread.

Roasted garlic

Roasting garlic in house is a huge job, but it’s worth the trouble! We don’t have any industry friends (to our knowledge) who operate at our scale and actually do this crazy thing. We purchase California garlic in whole cloves and roast it slowly with extra virgin olive oil to bring out a toasted flavor. We don’t think it’s any kind of marketing hyperbole to say that garlic lovers go crazy for our Roasted Garlic Ciabatta.


Grains and seeds

Alternative grains, nuts and seeds are crunchy, flavorful, nutritious and fun! We are doing more with them all the time.



All our breads are Non-GMO project verified.


Food safety

Nothing is more important that safety, both for our Chabaso family here at 360 James Street and our Chabaso family across the US. We maintain British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards and are BRC Certified anually. Also are audited by a number of other national customers. We are always happy to have someone come see for themselves.

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