‘Whatever’s in your fridge sandwich’

Photo: @bood_n_fooze


Our Classic Recipe ciabatta rolls make a great base for a sandwich of any size. Here’s how Chabaso team member Casey uses them to create a tasty sub while working from home:

  1. Slice the ciabatta roll in half and toast it up.
  2. Spread a light layer of mayonnaise on one half of the roll. On the other half, spoon on some hot calabrian pepper spread. Scalfani makes a good one.
  3. Choose your fillings. Sometimes the best sandwich is the one you make with what you already have in the fridge (i.e. chicken cutlets from Pasta Night). Shredded lettuce always goes well, so does arugula. Cheese can make or break your sandwich, so don’t skimp, but don’t use too much. Provolone is always my go to. Tomatoes are always a good addition if they’re in season. If not, substitute them with their sundried counterparts.
  4. After you’ve piled your sandwich high, close up your sandwich and cut it in half. Enjoy!
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