Happy Memorial Day!!!

Ciabatta breads are a remarkable combination of rustic texture and elegant taste. It is much lighter than its rustic shape would indicate, and the soft interior is laced with exquisite air bubbles- a characteristic of great ciabatta bread. In Italian ciabatta means slipper. It was originally thought of as “slipper bread” because this wonderful bread’s handcrafted shape often resembled the same shape of a slipper. Eat with dinner, slice horizontally for lunchtime sandwiches or try this scrumptious ciabatta bread recipe for breakfast or a snack. With summer right around the corner this Strawberry Bruschetta ciabatta bread recipe is light, refreshing and very simple to make. Bellissimo!

Learn about our delicious Strawberry Bruschetta recipe!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

From the Chabaso Team,

For these things, I am thankful…

To work alongside such smart and talented people who share a vision for Chabaso. This is inspiring on a daily basis.

For laughter in the lunchroom which reminds me that people are happy here.

For delicious bread and warm soup everyday and for the people who make them.

For the folks who will work tomorrow while I am with my family.

For co-workers who have welcomed me here with kindness.

For turkey with all the fixings from an owner who exhibits generosity and kindness with all of these things, as well as generosity of spirit.

For a sense of community and a true connection to our local community.

For all of these things, and so much more, I am thankful, grateful, and humbled.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Make the Switch With Us!

It's Whole Grains Month and this year’s theme, provided by the Whole Grains Council, is “Make the Switch”. Making the switch to better-for-you foods including healthy whole grains is important to our health. To help you make the switch, we have reformulated one of our most beloved breads, our Rainin Grains Ciabatta with all natural, wholesome multigrain goodness inside and out.

It contains the same great blend of 13 grains and seeds and soft interior but with a seeded, crunchy crust and improved nuttier taste. The Rainin Grains Ciabatta also has undergone a wardrobe change. Check out our brand new packaging design that is bound to hit shelves by you soon (if it hasn’t already).

Rainin' Grains Ciabatta

So what do you say? Start today and make the switch to a healthier future with us!