Make the Switch With Us!

It's Whole Grains Month and this year’s theme, provided by the Whole Grains Council, is “Make the Switch”. Making the switch to better-for-you foods including healthy whole grains is important to our health. To help you make the switch, we have reformulated one of our most beloved breads, our Rainin Grains Ciabatta with all natural, wholesome multigrain goodness inside and out.

It contains the same great blend of 13 grains and seeds and soft interior but with a seeded, crunchy crust and improved nuttier taste. The Rainin Grains Ciabatta also has undergone a wardrobe change. Check out our brand new packaging design that is bound to hit shelves by you soon (if it hasn’t already).

Rainin' Grains Ciabatta

So what do you say? Start today and make the switch to a healthier future with us!

Feel Good about School Lunches with Chabaso All Natural Artisan Sandwich Breads

Planning what to pack for school lunches is never an easy task. Sometimes it can be challenging to provide nutritious foods that are not only good for kids but are also good to eat. At Chabaso, we know this is no simple task, but we can ease the stress with our artisan sandwich breads. With thin, golden brown crusts and silky soft, moist and airy interiors, your kids will forget they are eating healthy and you’ll feel good knowing that their sandwich bread features the same authentic quality and all-natural attributes of all other Chabaso artisan breads. Made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients and most contain abundant whole grains. The Rustic White loaf is a good source of iron. The 100% Whole Wheat loaf is a good source of fiber with 25 grams of whole grains per slice. Rye has 9g and Multi-Grain contains 10g whole grains per serving.

These sandwich breads are available in the bakery department at many retail locations that offer Chabaso Bakery artisan breads. If you can’t seem to locate them, just ask any bakery associate and they will point you in the right direction. To find a location closest to you, check out our store locator. To everyone getting ready to go back to school …GOOD LUCK from your friends at Chabaso!

August is National Peach Month!

There’s nothing better than biting into a juicy, ripe peach on a hot summer day. Whether you just picked it off a tree or bought it from your local farmers market or grocery store, peaches are a summertime favorite for many. They are in harvest from late July until late September, so you’re in luck. If you live in New England and are looking to pick your own peaches, check out Fresh New England

Not only are they deliciously sweet, peaches are a wonderful source of vitamins A, B and C so go ahead, pick’em, eat’em, or cook’em! Check out In Jennies Kitchen for a peach jam recipe that is easy to make, pectin free and would taste scrumptious on a slice of Chabaso all natural Ciabatta bread, roll or any one of our artisan sandwich breads.

Celebrate National Peach Month with us and try something new. Submit your best Peach recipes here.